a aww
e ahh, ehh, euh
i ee
o oh
u ooh
ä aeh
ö euh
ü uu
Vowel clusters
ei like how you would say “I”
eu oi/oy
c g sound
h air or silent (silent h prolongs the preceeeding vowel)
j like a y
p b sound
t sounds like d
k kchrreuh
q kchrreuh
r rr (like spanish)
v either a v or a f
w v
x ks
y uu or ee
z ts
Consonant clusters *rules don’t apply to compound words
sch sh
sp shp
st sht
ch chrr
ck kchrr
pf pf
Double consonants – when there is a double consonant, you have to linger on it

This is all summarized very well in the following video