Learn Swiss German With Me!

I'm trying my best to learn Swiss German, join me on my struggle…

Swiss German Cases (Basics)

 Intro What are cases? Basically in English, you pretty much always use the word “the” as an article. So the man, the car, the baby etc. regardless of their gender or what role they play in a sentence. In German,... Continue Reading →



SWISS GERMAN PHONETICS a aww e ahh, ehh, euh i ee o oh u ooh ä aeh ö euh ü uu Vowel clusters ei like how you would say “I” eu oi/oy Consonants c g sound h air or silent... Continue Reading →

Speaking Out Loud

Step 2. Phonetics I started trying to learn Swiss German using the Pimsleur Swiss German CD course. However, once I had thoroughly exhausted that resource, I was a bit stumped on how to proceed with my studies. I had to... Continue Reading →

Where to Start?

Step 1. Pimsleur Swiss German CDs I started trying to learn Swiss German about a month or two ago. Before that, my Swiss friends would teach me a word here or there but at that point I wasn't seriously trying... Continue Reading →

What is this anyways?

As a preface, I am a pretty awful writer and have never found much enjoyment in trying to write anything that others would deem "well-written". There is a certain comfort however, in having somewhere to get thoughts out of your... Continue Reading →

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